About us

Value is the driver for our technological development, whether it’s focusing on society, organizations, companies or individuals.

Creating value

Parthian aims at creating value for society and organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals in different markets by creating innovative polymers and composites, using the high potential of composites (fibre reinforced plastics) and other materials to add functionalities to these materials.

Talent and teamwork
We believe in talent and teamwork. By creating an inspiring environment with confidence, collaboration and room for exploration Parthian triggers creativity and inspiration, and attracts talented young professionals and provide them with the opportunity to achieve their full potential and increase the potential of the team.

Parthian has excellent knowledge and experience in material science and chemistry, though we preferably work together with partners, to combine our technology with applications and markets (application based research & development)

Core values
– Inspiration
– Creativity
– Co-creation
– Excellence


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Vanochtend bezoek gehad van een afvaardiging van Solar Team Twente voor een presentatie over alle voorbereidingen en deelname aan de Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019 met de nieuwste solar auto RED E. Met fantastische beelden en leuke ervaringsverhalen hebben we als partner meer inzicht gekregen in ‘what it takes’ om überhaupt al aan de start

In het kader van het Interreg project ‘Smart Production’ heeft Parthian Technology bijgedragen aan de ontwikkeling van een robotgebaseerd THz-meettechnologie ontwikkeld door FachHochschule Dusseldorf. Tijdens de workshop van dit project op 26 september 2019 is deze meetrobot gedemonstreerd. Deze niet-destructieve meetmethode, is in staat om meerdere lagen op een niet metallische ondergrond te meten en

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August 30, 2017

From Parthian to DEON

Susanne van Vulpen, Managing Director DEON, and Business Developer of Parthian As an innovative company, we are naturally packed with great ideas. But ideas only remain ideas until you get involved. And this is precisely what we encourage within Parthian; Create your own chances! Deon is a wonderful example of this. Owning test equipment does

August 24, 2017

We stimulate spin offs

Parthian stimulates initiatives to spin off applications of mature technologies. Initiatives by employees are given the opportunity to incubate within Parthian and are spun out after proven viability.